Дорогие гости моего блога, если вам понравились мои работки и вы хотите разместить их на одном из своих любимых сайтов, то просьба не перезаливать, а давать прямую ссылку на источник на мой Блог или же давать мои ссылки на скачивание .

Dear visitors and users of the site, if you liked my creations and you want to put them somewhere else, please do not re-upload my works and give a link to my blog.

понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Decor set #3

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  1. Would you mind or consider uploading your creations to an alternative link like box or mediafire? i can't download any of your wonderful creations from the links you've given :(

    But i love all your creations! if i could download them they'd be a great addition to my sims' homes :)

  2. tried on numerous occasions, one say wait 1 hour the other this:

    This is a subscription service which costs £ 1.50 per 5 days (VAT included).
    To end the subscription send STOP to 81404. If you have more than one service, please send STOP ALL to 81404 to close all services.
    Help: support@bornpay.com